Weekly news – 15th September 2021

Hi all 

What can I say about the All Ireland final last weekend, except to say sorry to all Mayo fans for adding my predictions curse to your already losing curse. Unfortunately I had the pleasure of meeting club legend Paudge at training last night at training, and he took great pleasure in reminding that he won our bet. Will Mayo ever win an All Ireland…. Like the England soccer team, the wait must go on. Thankfully Mayo don’t have an annoying song like Football coming home. Thankfully I didn’t bet any money on it.  

Club shop: We are looking for more parents to help out in the club shop. A big thank you to Siobhan who normally runs it, but with her daughter now with the U9’s and playing games on Sunday she cant be there every Saturday.We are looking for someone to do it especially on a Saturday morning when the Academy training is on so that the kids can get any gear they want. So if you are up there with your kids, then why not help out. If we got a few parents to help, we could do a rota so that you only have to do it once a month. Siobhan will give the necessary 5 minutes training as its so easy to do.Please email her on siobhan.kilmurray@gmail.com if you can help. Stars of Erin gear can be purchased at the following linkhttps://www.oneills.com/shop-by-team/gaa/ireland/stars-of-erin.html 

New Membership special: Is now up on Clubforce. New members can join now and get 15 months membership for the price of 12, so get recruiting. https://member.clubforce.com/memlist_m.asp?ll_id=1319#topp 

We had another great weekend of games for all ages and some great wins like the U12 and U13 boys teams.

Match Report: U13 Boys: Stars of Erin 6-5, Shankill 1-2A great win for our U13 boys on Saturday in Glencullen against Shankill. We started the game with Shankill on the front foot, scoring a point and keeping us in our own half. However by the time the first water break came, Stars were very much on top. Despite playing against the breeze, we were leading 2-2 to 1-1 at half time, thanks to some brilliant defending and great passing and distribution between defence midfield and our forwards. The second half was dominated by our midfield and forwards. Our substitutes played a big part, thanks to Alex and Donncha who played earlier for the U12s and supported us for our match. Big thanks also to Rory Mulhall who also lined out for the U11s and then for the U13 team. Special mention to Jack Acres who scored 1-1 from a corner back position. Well done boys. 

Training:Last week I mentioned that we are training twice a week now in Stepaside All Weather pitch. What I meant is that the club has rented two 1 Hour slots, one on Monday evening from 6pm to 7pm for the younger kids (age 8 up), and then one on Thursday evening from 7pm to 8pm for the older kids. 

Academy training: For kids 4 to 7 from 9.45 to 11.They returned last Saturday up at the pitch in Glencullen and was a great success. We are getting lots of new members in this group so please keep it going. This is the bloodline of our club. Thanks to Tommy and the U15 Girls team who help out every week at the training.  Mens team: Train every Tuesday and Thursday evening at the pitch from 7.45pm to 9pm.  Ladies team: Train on a Monday night at 7pm. Matches on Wednesday at 6.30pm and from last week in September until end of Oct matches will be on Sundays at 1pm.  

Mens Team update:They have created a new campaign looking for new members so please like / share it on the likes of Facebook and Instagram.https://www.instagram.com/p/CTfODkFs3p3/?utm_medium=share_sheethttps://www.facebook.com/StarsOfErinGaa/photos/pb.317115345052690.-2207520000../4243328662431319/?type=3&theater.

They also done some fundraising for gym equipment and will now convert one of the changing rooms into a small gym for them and the Ladies team to use. Well done indeed.The Mens team played championship match last weekend and were very unfortunate to lose to to St Monica’s 2 very late goals after a very strong performance from us. The game was finely balanced going into the second half water break, but the home team who are 4 leagues above us, pulled away with some late scores.Keep us the great training lads. 

Award of the Week: There was lots of kids up for this award this week but there was one standout. Those in the mix included 4 U11 players in Rory, Cian, Arnie and Oran, with the latter 3 who came straight from U11 match to play with U12 team, and helped them win a great game.Rory went home for lunch, and then joined his older brother James in the U13 match. Next it was the turn of the U12 boys, Alex and Donncha who also helped the U13 boys to a great win. But the winner is Cian, who younger brother plays in the Academy, started the day helping the kids in Academy training, then played his own U11 game and then turned up and played great with U12 boys. Keep up the great work.  

New Members: PLEASE RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT for all age groups.  I am ask you to RECRUIT, PROMOTE and LIKE us on all social platforms, plus the old fashion word of mouth.So from my our selfish point of view, if you know any boys born in 2009 in your area, please RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT. There will be a pint / glass of wine in it for you. 

Have a great week all, Clive