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Stars Executive Committee 2019

  • President: Paudge McHugh
  • Chairperson: Tommy Roe
  • Vice Chairperson: Mick McDonnell Jnr
  • Treasurer: Michelle Mulvey
  • Secretary: Gaye O’Brien
  • Juvenile Secretary: Brian Flynn
  • Games and Coaching Officer: Mark Bowers
  • Children’s Officer Kiara Kenneally
  • Club Development Officer Adrian Grenham
  • Club PRO Clive Bruce
  • Executive members Lewis Mooney, Gavin Mulvey and Lucy Madigan
  • Juvenile Committee 2019:
  • Juvenile Chairperson Brian Flynn
  • Juvenile Boys Secretary John O’Toole
  • Juvenile Girls Secretary Emma O’Connor
  • Games and Coaching Officer Mark Bowers
  • Children’s Officer Sean Humphreys
  • Nursery Co-ordinater Siobhan Kilmurray

Pictured from left to right Brian Flynn, Tommy Roe, Mark Bowers, Gaye O’Brien, Clive Bruce, Lucy Madigan, Adrian Grenham, Paudge McHugh, Michelle Mulvey, Mick McDonnell and John O’Toole.