Last Person Standing

Can your prediction skills win you €100?!
Stars of Erin are running a Last Person Standing competition.
With our major fundraising events cancelled this year we hope you might support the club while putting your prediction skills to the test. The competition is open to members and non-members so please invite friends/work colleagues to participate.
To be in with a chance to win and to help our fundraising efforts:
· Email with your first selection and name no later than 60 minutes before the first game of match-week 4, 3rd October 2020
· Pay €10 entry fee – payment by Revolut or bank transfer (details provided on receipt of entry)
· Email again each week with your weekly selection (no later than 60 minutes of the first game of that match-week).

How does it work?
1: Just pick one winner from the Premier League match fixtures each week until eliminated.
2: Competition starts from match-week 4, 3rd October 2020
3: To progress in the competition, you must select a winning team. Draw or loss equals elimination.
4: Once selection is made, it is final.
5: You may not pick the same team twice. If same team is picked twice in competition you will automatically be assigned the first team alphabetically in the league that you have not already selected.
6. Submit you weekly selection by email to no later than 60 minutes before the first fixture of each match-week
7: If you forget to make your selection by the cut-off, you will be assigned the first team alphabetically in the league that you have not already selected.
8: In the event of the match being cancelled or postponed, you will go through to the next round and that team is no longer available for selection.
9: The decision of the Organisation Committee shall be binding on all matters. The Organisation Committee reserve the right to amend the rules for the proper conduct of the competition
10: The last player standing will receive the prize.
11:In the event of all remaining players being eliminated in any round, then all these players shall be re-entered in the next round. (Whether they draw or lose)
12: Should only one player win in any round then he/she will win the competition.
13: If more than one participant remains at the end, the accumulated ‘scored for’ of their selected team in the last round will determine the winner. This also applies if during the competition the remaining players are knocked out in the same match-week then the player with the highest scored for in that round will be the winner. If the remaining players ‘scored for’ points are equal, then there will be joint winners.