Recruitment Policy

Stars of Erin Recruitment Policy

Stars of Erin is a voluntary organisation and all our activities are organised by our own members.  Juvenile mentors, often parents and guardians of our young players, are the people who organise and manage training and matches.

Mentors are usually recruited when they first bring their children up to our Saturday nursery in Glencullen. A gentle tap on the shoulder to help out results in quick entry to the rank of mentor.  This can be a very rewarding role – guiding young players who can barely kick a ball or hold a hurley through the age grades, helping each one to play to the best of their ability.

To ensure that this club is following best practice Stars of Erin shall work closely with the GAA when recruiting volunteers. We shall comply with the guidelines of the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport, and the GAA Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport. We will follow recommendations made by our governing body of sport that stipulate our volunteers should under-go a recruitment process.  The following procedures for recruitment of volunteers will assist in placing volunteers in a situation to which they are suited and help in the protection of children and volunteers alike.

  • Provide training for volunteers in their role by urging them to attend all courses required or recommended and additional training where deemed necessary.
  • All volunteers will be garda vetted.
  • Vacancies within the club will be openly available to interested applicants
  • The decision to appoint team managers is the responsibility for the club Committee and not any one individual within it.
  • Once recruited into the club, all volunteers should be adequately managed and supported.
  • All volunteers must register with the club therefore signing up to Stars of Erin code of behaviour and best practice.