Discipline and Complaints

Stars of Erin Disciplinary and Complaints and Procedure

Stars of Erin have a complaints procedure in place that allows all members who are dissatisfied to register their complaint in a formal way and put an open process of investigation into action. Stars of Erin will follow all guidelines set out by the GAA’s Code of Behaviour.

 • Complaints may be lodged by all members of the club/organisation

• They should be received in writing to the secretary of the Stars of Erin – Siobhan Kilmurray, c/o Stars of Erin GAA Club, Ballybrack Road, Glencullen, Dublin 18. or email secretary.starsoferin.dublin@gaa.ie • They should outline all relevant details about other parties involved

 • The complaint should be brought to the attention of the Chairperson who will convene a disciplinary committee made up of three members of the executive committee.

• The Disciplinary committee should hear the case of all parties involved and decide if a rule or regulation has been infringed

 • They should, in writing, inform those involved of the sanctions to be imposed. Written notification should be given to parents if the complaint is against a junior member

• They will keep all records on file (chairperson will decide for how long and with who)

 • If any party does not agree with the disciplinary committee they can appeal the decision in writing within a 10-day period

 • The Appeals committee is convened, and this is made up from members of the executive committee who have not been on the original disciplinary committee

• The Appeals committee should confirm or set aside or change any sanction imposed by the disciplinary committee.