Children’s Officer Team

Stars of Erin Children’s Officer Team

Stars of Erin is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for all young people who participate in our activities. We do our utmost to take all practicable steps to protect them from any discern-able forms of abuse, harm, discrimination or degrading treatment and we respect their rights, wishes and feelings.

Stars of Erin have two designated Children’s Officers whose appointments are central to the Clubs policy on Child Welfare. We would ask everyone involved with the club to support and cooperate with them in their important duties. The Stars of Erin Children’s Officers have as their primary aim the establishment of a child and youth centred ethos within Stars of Erin and will be viewed by many as the link between the children/young people in the Club and the adults.

The Club Children’s Officer will –

  • Promote greater awareness within Stars of Erin of the GAA Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport.
  • Assist with and identify the need for Safeguard training within Stars and other appropriate training in consultation with the Club’s Designated Person.
  • Ensure, in as far as possible, that all Players, Coaches/Team mentors, Parents/Guardians, Officials and Spectators adhere to the Code of Best Practice for Youth Sport.
  • Influence policy and practice within the Club in order to prioritise children’s and young people’s needs.
  • Promote greater consultation with under age players and participation by them in club activities and planning.
  • Encourage the involvement of parents/guardians in organising Club activities and to co-operate with parents in ensuring that every young person enjoys his/her involvement with the Club.
  • Develop good practice procedures in the recruitment and selection of persons working with young people in the club.
  • Oversee the Garda Vetting in the club.
  • Maintain on-going contact with the County Board Children’s Officer and with other Club Children’s Officers.Club Children’s Officers do not have the responsibility to investigate or validate child protection allegations or concerns within the Club. The liaison person appointed by the Club to deal with such concerns is the Club’s Designated Liaison as per the GAA Guidelines for Dealing with Allegations of Abuse.

Children’s Officer Contact Details

Gaye O’Brien                                              Anne Gaskin Roe

Children’s Officer                                      Children’s Officer

087 1241409                                               087 2897528

If you are –

  • a Juvenile member who is worried about your treatment within the club
  • an adult member or parent who has any concerns about the welfare of a child

you are urged to contact one of the Children’s Officers.  You can be assured you will be dealt with professionally and in the strictest confidence.

There are also two Children’s Officer assistants whose role it is to assist the officers and liaise with the children, giving feedback regarding child welfare and any other issues regarding the children in the club.

Karina Lee                                                       Sonya McConnan

086 1922499                                                    087 0698837

Stars of Erin have a Designated Liaison Person who is responsible for ensuring that the standard reporting procedure is followed, so that suspected cases of child neglect or abuse are referred promptly to the Child and Family Agency Duty Social Worker. In the event of an emergency where you think a child is in immediate danger and you cannot get in contact with the Children and Family Agency Duty Social Worker, you should contact An Garda Síochána.

Stars also have a Mandated Person whose role is to report child protection concerns over a defined threshold to Tusla and to assist Tusla, if requested, in assessing a concern which has been the subject of a mandated report.  The Mandated Person shall by the nature of their role, liaise regularly and as required with DLP

Lucy Madigan                                                 James Campbell

Designated Liaison Person                                Mandated Person

086 9068691                                                   086 1070625