Anti Bullying Policy

Stars of Erin Anti Bullying Policy

Here at Stars of Erin we follow the guide lines set out by the GAA for our anti bullying procedures. Stars of Erin aims to create a supportive environment where any form of bullying is unacceptable.

We adopt a whole organisational approach to addressing bullying and are committed to implementing structures and relevant training to deal with allegations of bullying. Incidents of bullying are regarded as serious breaches of our Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport. We are committed to achieving an ethos of respect so as to maximise the potential of all of our members when playing or participating in our Gaelic Games. Our aim is that every child will feel safe and happy and that no one will ever have to put up with being bullied. Every person will be encouraged to speak out and they will be assured that they will all be listened to.

What is Bullying?
We define Bullying as ‘unwanted negative behaviour’ be it verbal, psychological or physical, conducted by an individual or group against others’.

Bullying can take many different forms:

  • Verbal:-  threatening consequences, spreading rumours, name calling, teasing, making sexual/racist/sectarian remarks, highlighting physical appearances or sporting ability or other similar instances.
  • Physical:- kicking, punching, hitting, spitting, biting, tripping, theft or destruction of property and kit or any other physical bullying.
  • Emotional: – ignoring, excluding, getting people into trouble, leaving them out of games, talking behind their backs, writing unpleasant notes/letters/graffiti, writing letters/text messages/emails or comments on social network sites or anything likewise.

In our games and at our activities different people may be involved in bullying incidences. These may include players/coaches/mentors/parents/spectators/bystanders

Bullying can happen from young person to young person, young person to adult, adult to young person or adult to adult. Here at Stars of Erin no form of bullying will be accepted.

Preventing Bullying

It is the responsibility of everybody in our Club, Stars of Erin to prevent or if need be to deal with incidents of bullying if ever they occur. Our approach is to create a supportive environment where it is not acceptable to bully and where the ethos of our club is that it is ‘ok to tell’ if you know about incidents of bullying, we will always encourage people to talk up for themselves and others and look out for others. The Children’s Officers in Stars of Erin have a responsibility to promote an ‘anti bullying ethos’ and ensure that the club adheres to the GAA Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport.

All our players, coaches, spectators and all in our club should:

  • Respect every person’s right to play and participate in an environment which is safe and secure and also offers praise and recognition
  • Ensure that every person is treated with respect, dignity and sensitivity
  • Recognise that everyone is important and that our differences make each of us special
  • Challenge all forms of prejudice and promote equality
  • Model fair play, respectful behaviour and leadership
  • Discourage people from colluding with bullying
  • Treat others as they would like to be treated

Dealing with Bullying

How do we know if it’s Bullying?

We need to ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Targeted: Is the behaviour targeted at a group or individual?
  • Duration: Has this behaviour been happening over a period of time?
  • Frequency: How frequent is the behaviour and is there a pattern occurring?
  • Intention: Is the intention of the behaviour to cause pain/harm/distress to an individual or group?

It is the responsibility of Stars of Erin to ensure that:

  • The target of the Bullying is made feel safe
  • That the Bullying is stopped and the bully’s behaviour is addressed
  • Every member of Stars of Erin or anyone attending our games or activities should be fully aware that Bullying is unacceptable in Stars of Erin

If any person has a concern or they believe that they or somebody else may be the target, recipient or victim of Bullying within Stars of Erin they should contact the Club’s Children’s Officer who will deal with their concern. All concerns will be dealt with in a sensitive manner. Stars of Erin’s Childrens Officers are Gaye O’Brien and Anne Gaskin Roe.