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It is with great honour that I announce that I have taken up the role of the club Chairperson. As a proud member of this great club since 2003, I look forward to carrying on the great work done by previous chairpersons.

As you know I am a proud Rossie so grew up shouting the Yellow and blue of them. My local club at home was also Blue and Yellow, so grew up hating the Mayo colours and that of our local rivals of Red and Green. 

So in my first role on Chairperson, I am going to switch our club colours to Blue and Yellow. 

It will be dark blue, not soft like the Dubs. See attached pic of new style, I think it looks class.

This is the perfect time to do it as we probably will only be doing non contact training this year and it gives us the rest of the year to get new jerseys and club rebranding completed.  This will be a lot of work for our PRO team but I am sure Brian will be well equipped to handle it.

Other changes I propose making include changing the name of club. Instead of being called Stars of Erin, I propose we simply go with Stars.

As you would have seen with Eircom, they spent millions on rebranding when they shortened their name to Eir, and it was money well spent. 

That or we include the areas in the club name so maybe Stepternan, Glenaside, Stepcullen. All suggestions welcome.  

As per previous emails, we are always looking for more involvement from our members, so for anyone to suggest a viable name, you will get one free Adult / Juvenile Membership.

All you need to do is call me today on 084 1042021. No T&C apply,

Car park: I have been talking with Q-Park parking company about talking over our car park. As we have seen last year, it can be very busy at times. I propose going with the usual €2 an hour.

Water charges: To help cover the water charges, I will be installing Shower meters. Simple cost of €2 per 30 seconds per shower. This will probably only affect the senior teams.

Lost gear: At every training session, there is always gear left behind. To save the coaches time trying to find out who it belongs to, we have come up with simple solution in that Siobhan has gladly said she will sell these items in the Club shop. This will give the club extra revenue.


Forecast 5 update: This is the latest venture by the club to add a bit of spice to Football predictions as well as earn a few €’s. It only cost €10 per month and a great laugh. At the moment, I am currently leading so its been a great month for me. It is simple to join so please register today to be in time for the new month predictions. Congrats to Jono on winning last month on 37 points, following closely by Son2021 on 32 and Gavin Weir on 31.  

DMCC Draw: The Spring 2021 Draw will take place at the Stars of Erin clubhouse this Friday 2nd April 2021 at 6pm.

1st prize €750.00 

2nd prize €250.00 

If there is anybody interested in participating, please feel free to contact them, or alternatively please drop us an email and we will contact you.

Tommy: 087 227 1918

Peter: 087 223 4783

This will be my last email as part of the PRO team, hope you all found them useful on the latest club news. 

Best of luck to Trish Blee who has gladly agreed to take over my old duties. 

From all at Stars